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"Serving Our Community... Preserving our Environment"

Our Purpose Statement

"We are dedicated to providing services and taking actions that support the Earth and humanity in returning to their natural [whole] state."

The purpose of this organization is to facilitate a paradigm shift in the collective consciousness of the people on the planet. A shift based on spiritual vision and global awareness. Our purpose is to modify our methods of living, so they are more harmonious and less impactful to the planet. Our purpose is to promote methods of living which go beyond sustainability and provide supplemental support and restorative healing.

By reviewing our history and observing our present activities in this world, we see that proper action must be taken. A conscious change in our living behavior, on a planetary scale, is necessary. As individuals, we must take 100% responsibility for the world we have created. It is important that we all realize how it is our "manner of living" that shapes our "standard of living". We must remove ourselves from this illusion of separateness that we have created. We must stop viewing ourselves as a collection of separate communities and countries. Instead, we must view ourselves as one collective consciousness, manifested as one [whole] planet. We are the co-creators of a single living organism, THE EARTH.

We believe our physical make-up is interconnected with the natural forces governing the Earth [as well as the entire universe]. The only way we will heal ourselves, is to acknowledge this symbiotic relationship and act in alignment with nature. All destruction is self-destruction. The health of the planet depends on our ability to be peaceful with ourselves and to live harmoniously with everyone. This is the only way we will be able to end the planetary abuse being inflicted on the Earth. When we support this organism [Earth], we support our own natural healing process. 

Our Strategic Objective

The strategic objective of the "Whole Earth Community Awareness Network" [W.E.C.A.N.] is to educate individuals about "Conscious Community Development".

From divine inspiration, we gather and share information globally, to establish a model for the highest quality of standards for "Organic Society Living". Organic Society Living is going beyond "sustainable living" and elevating our standards to natural "Restorative Living". These are "Earth Friendly" standards. Our new behavioral patterns and lifestyle developments are designed to be compatible with assisting the planet's self-restoration. The results of living by these new standards serves everyone's highest good.

Our intention is to shift attitudes of "consumerism, competition and conflict" to attitudes of "conservation, co-operation and compassion". This will be accomplished initially by educating and informing the public of [conscious] lifestyle alternatives. We begin by providing to our local community a variety of personal services and community involvement activities. These are services and activities geared toward developing a solid infrastructure and a whole Earth.  

Phase 1 is setting an example of what is possible within our own community. Phase 2 is the introduction of these programs to communities state-wide. Phase 3 is the national expansion of these programs, forming a nationwide [Earth Conscious] network. Phase 4 is the global expansion of these programs, forming an international [Earth Conscious] network. This global network will provide a "Conscious Community" template fashioned specifically for the unique environmental needs of each country's location.

We are not advocates for "Globalization" or for a "New World Government". Both dismiss and violate our freedom as individuals and our divine purpose with relationship to the whole of life. Living in "Global Harmony" is not merely respecting each others unique culture. It requires each of us to monitor our own behavior to assure this behavior creates no negative impact. It is foremost important that every country's "culture" is in alignment with the "perma-culture" of the Earth. This means acknowledging the sacredness of, and having respect for... ALL living things.

Our Vision 

A positive shift in social behavior naturally evolves.
We respect autonomy, practice self-discipline and engage and co-operate within a conscious community environment.

We realize that our independence is not nearly as important as [recognizing] our inter-dependence. True freedom is liberation from our own selfishness, and thoughtless abuse of ourselves, each other and our natural resources. We all fully understand our symbiotic relationship with the Earth and the importance of taking care of it. We know that taking care of the planet is synonymous with taking care of ourselves. Each individual takes 100% responsibility to participate in a spiritually conscious manner. Accordingly, we support each other knowing that this too, is synonymous with taking care of ourselves.

We shifted our attitude of "Fear for Survival" to one of "Love for the Earth and ALL Humanity"
We exist as a "Love-based" society on a planetary scale and f
rom this, evolves a natural transformation of government.

This is a true "SELF-governing" system, of the people, by the people, for the Earth and ALL it's people".
We are respectful of all nations and guided by a "compassionate" and "co-operative" manner of living.

This social structure of autonomous nations now act in harmony to support a Whole Earth.

 This web site is designed to be a global directory for service projects worldwide.

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To contact us call: (805) 637-2269 or e-mail us at WECAN@OnenessRemembered.org 

Please address correspondences and donations to "Whole Earth Community Awareness Network, Inc."
P.O. Box 20022, Santa Barbara, CA. 93120-0022

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